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Valet parking services in Sacramento California are utilized by many people for many different reasons. ENC valet parking is the area's best valet service. Our company has a proven track record of providing exceptional value to our customers organizations. Many of the services we offer are highlighted below. Our valet parking cost is competitive with the market.

Why should you choose enc valet? Our business started in 2008. We have ample experience in many areas, including surface lots, parking garages, sporting events, residential neighborhoods and many more. We have seen just about every situation possible when it comes to valet parking. This allows us to pull from our accumulated knowledge to accurately help you decide the potential amount of traffic, and how the flow of traffic might work at your event at your event or business.

Another important reason to choose us is because we provide comprehensive liability coverage and our workers are all covered with workers compensation insurance. The valet parking insurance ensures that if any damage occurs to your car you won't be left in the dust. We'll make sure your vehicle gets repaired to its original form. Workers compensation is important because if the employee is injured they can possibly sue the property they're on, if they're not covered by workers compensation insurance.

Our service area starts as far south as Carmel California and extends as far north as Redding California. Our main cities that we service are San Jose California and Sacramento California. If we are providing our services for a private event our service area is more flexible. If your needs include on-going service for a business, our main focus is on San Jose and Sacramento, but we look at each case on an individual basis.

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Valet Parking – Our valet parking service can be used for any type of situation. Some of our current and past brick and mortar business clients include local government, restaurants, hotels, casinos, night clubs, and rehabilitation facilities. At each of these facilities we will have a site specialist meet with the administrator, or property manager, to go over the needs of the facility and the objectives that they're trying to achieve. Once we have all the details we will put together a comprehensive proposal for the facility and send it out as soon as possible.

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Valet Parking for Events – Every private, one-day event could use valet parking services or some type of traffic control. A few of the types of one-day events that clients have hired us for include fundraisers, weddings, seminars, speaking engagements, house warming parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, Halloween parties, business related events, funerals, ballet, sporting events, grand openings, holiday parties, pre-wedding parties , new sub-divisions and Concorso Italiano in Monterey CA. Private valet events are a big part of our business. Even though its usually just a single day event, we take it seriously as if it was a contract account. We will work out with the event coordinator or a designated point of contact all the details prior to the event. A manager assigned to the event will make sure that the appropriate parking is available, all permits are taken care of and issued, the route the cars will take to and from the drop off location makes sense and is efficient, whether we need traffic control vests for dark environments, traffic control attendants to manage traffic, and all other specifics required for the personalized event.

Surface parking lot management – If you own a surface parking lot and would like to transition it to a full time parking lot for generating revenue, or need staff for attendant booths, or lot porters, we can assist. Our employees can either manage the entire lot or specific details of the lot. We can also assist you with research on technology that's specific to your application and location. The initial meeting would include a site inspection to determine the best flow of traffic and all appropriate signage, kiosks, valet podiums and other equipment needed.

Garage management – In any downtown metropolitan area, parking is scarce, congested and difficult to find. A majority of the parking can be found in parking garages owned by the local city or private companies. These garages often times staff for the entrance and exit booths to collect payment from patrons for use of the facility. Garages also might require a parking firm to come in and manage an entire level or multiple levels of the garage. Providing this type of parking management allows a company to have full control of parking which enables them to stack cars one in front of the other; this will increase the capacity of vehicles that will fit in a given space.

Concierge and Doorman – Our concierge and doorman can be a valuable addition to any hotel or office team. The concierge can help your overnight guests with booking tours, purchasing tickets to the theater, arranging reservations at a restaurant , and many other attractions. The concierge also can arrange for a town car or taxi for your guests. This extra staff member will make your guests really remember your establishment as one that went above and beyond with their hospitality by showing extensive experience with the local attractions, sites and culture.

The doorman is someone that creates a sense of security at the front door by knowing who is coming in and who is going out. This person is very friendly , opening the door for everyone, but also is an extra set of eyes to watch over the front of the building. This person becomes a familiar face to your guests or long term tenants. Having a doorman is a mark of status. It shows that the building is willing to pay for this extra service for its tenants and guests in order to provide a sense of security and familiarity.

Traffic Control – We offer traffic control services for all types of events. Some of our past traffic control types of layouts have included tightly congested parking lots with little room to move, parking structures, open fields, new surface lots with thousands of parking spaces and many more. Our staff are equipped with the proper reflective vests, communication devices, signage and hand signaling equipment. Traffic control is at many times more about controlling customers emotions than controlling the traffic. ENC Valet understands this and our staff are trained to deal with motorists in a calm manner and to diffuse mentally tough traffic situations.

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